Public policy makes a difference in the lives of both the people living with mental health conditions and the people in their lives. Changes in policy can mean better outcomes. NAMI-DAC advocates for system reform at state and local levels. These are some of our goals.

  • Securing better housing for people with mental health conditions.
  • Helping people with mental health conditions who have recently been released from detention or prison.
  • Improving availability and access to better health care in southern New Mexico and Dona Ana County.
  • Improving mental health education among first responders, law enforcement, and hospital emergency personnel.

NAMI On Campus

Because Mental Health Matters. College is an exciting time. From being away from home and finding independence to meeting new people and trying new things, every day brings new experiences. There is also a new level of academic responsibility. Classes are harder and there is always, a due date on the horizon. Balancing all of the changes that happen in college can be stressful and challenging. Continue reading “NAMI On Campus”

In Our Own Voice

In Our Own Voice (IOOV) is a unique public education program developed by NAMI in which two trained speakers share their compelling personal stories of living with mental illness and achieving recovery. The presentation is free and lasts about 90 minutes.

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NAMI FaithNet

NAMI FaithNet as an interfaith resource network of NAMI members, friends, clergy and congregations of all faith traditions who wish to encourage faith communities to be welcoming and supportive of persons and families living with mental health conditions.

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NAMI Rainbow

For many people who are LGBTQ and living with a mental health condition, finding support and resources that are specific and inclusive can be difficult. Currently, NAMI-DAC is establishing a pilot program for a national initiative currently titled NAMI Rainbow. In Dona Ana County we are focused on addressing the intersection of mental health and issues specific to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community. 

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