Coping With Familial Mental Illness in Stressful Times

Richard Nakamura, Ph.D.Former NIMH Deputy Director and Scientific Director, Dr. Richard Nakamura, recently revealed how his family successfully coped with discrimination compounded by bipolar disorder during trying times for Japanese Americans. In a video interview marking National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, the current director of NIH’s Center for Scientific Review stressed the critical roles of mutual support and treatment.

Personal Story: My New Life

By 2013 my life was in shambles. I had self-destructed every single aspect of my life. Failed college attempt after failed college attempt had racked up thousands of dollars in student loan debt which I had no way of paying back. I began to lose who I was. There were days that I woke up and couldn’t remember who I was. I became the mental illness because it was so prevalent in my life that I believed it was who I was.