Only cure for grief is to grieve

Pamela Field, For the Sun-News 1:01 a.m. MDT August 1, 2016

On June 12, after the massive shooting in Orlando, I planned to write about grief. At that time, my good friend John Funk, a social worker, said, “We should all take a week off and just mourn.”
Coincidentally it was a day I was filling in on a radio show called “The Depression Session” in Tucson, and my guest did not show up. So as a one-woman show, I talked about depression I have experienced. As for our nation, we don’t seem to recover from one trauma before another one happens — a sad fact played out in several major American communities since the Orlando nightclub massacre.

What is this doing to our collective psyche? Does that mean we are all depressed on some level? What about traumatic grief, delayed grief? How does this all fit in?

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Pamela Field is a psychiatric nurse, who can be reached at or 575-312-2288.


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