Most Individuals Receive Health Services a Year Before Suicide Death

 • Science Update

Undetected suicide risk is a critical issue in primary care. According to a NIMH-funded study published in the February 2014 issue of theJournal of General Internal Medicine, 83 percent of individuals received health care services in the year prior to suicide death and half did not have a mental health diagnosis…


The findings indicate that there is a key opportunity to reach individuals at risk for suicide within primary care and medical specialty settings. “We’re at a point now where we have a lot of information that we’ve never had before. Reducing suicide is possible and the health care system is a great place to start,” said study author Brian K. Ahmedani, Ph.D., at the Center for Health Policy and Health Services Research, Henry Ford Health System. In primary care, physicians may be able to detect risk and begin treatment earlier to prevent suicides.  Read entire article here…


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