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In Our Own Voices Presentation, Apr 28, 10-11 AM

NAMI Southern New Mexico is offering a NAMI In Our Own Voice presentation virtually on Zoom on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 from 10:00 AM—11:00 AM. As with all NAMI programs, this presentation is being offered at no cost to you! To register or for questions, please e-mail Alicia at alblasingame@hotmail.com.

Family Support Group Facilitator Training, May 23-24

NAMI Southern New Mexico will offer a training to individuals interested in facilitating its NAMI Family Support Group. Training will take place on May 23 and 24 virtually on Zoom. Membership is required. Please e-mail Alicia at alblasingame@hotmail.com to register for participation and with any questions. This 90 minute session is free of charge.

NAMI Family and Friends Seminar, Apr 30, 10 AM to 2 PM

NAMI Family & Friends is a free, 4-hour seminar that informs and supports family members, partners, friends and significant others who have loved ones with a mental health condition. Participants learn about diagnoses, treatment, recovery, communication strategies, crisis preparation and NAMI resources. Seminar leaders are also family members and know what it is like to…
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SAMSHA Virtual Recovery Resources

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adminiistration (SAMHSA Federal Government Resources) In an infectious disease outbreak, when social distancing and self-quarantine are needed to limit and control the spread of the disease, continued social connectedness to maintain recovery is critically important. Virtual resources can and should be used during this time. This tip sheet describes…
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Join Our NAMIWalks Team

NOTE: NAMIWalks has been rescheduled from May 2020 to October 18, 2020. Help fight stigma Support NAMI SNM President Alicia Blasingame for NAMI Walks – New Mexico!

We’re Finally Winning the Fight Against Conversion Therapy

Better still: Lawmakers in so-called flyover states are leading the charge. By Sam Brinton Sam Brinton is the head of advocacy and government affairs at the Trevor Project. March 12, 2020 As a national advocate for a nonprofit organization working to protect the rights of L.G.B.T.Q. youth in America, I spend a lot of time…
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COVID-19 Health Resources

Please visit our new COVID-19 webpage for important information about mental health services available during the current public health crisis. Included in the page are: NAMI SNM statement about efforts to resume classes and support groups Remote access resources A list of online recovery meetings Resources for New Mexicans concerned with the impact of Corona…
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Ways to Manage and Cope with Stress

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, CPRP | Jan. 13, 2020 My dad was dying. I hated my job. I was struggling with school. A classmate groped me in front of other classmates. I was having a nervous breakdown. I wanted an explanation. I wanted something I could address to make me well. I wanted…
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Why We Should Be Honest About How We’re Doing

By Christine Parsons | Jan. 10, 2020 Life is hard. Going through depression, anxiety and PTSD make it harder. But the roughest part is feeling like you are alone while going through these struggles. We have gotten so good at trekking through life independently, at putting our heads down and looking at our smartphones. We…
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How Bullying May Shape Adolescent Brains

Recent research suggest that bullying can cause changes to victims’ brain structure, with potentially lasting impacts. Researchers believe more than 3.2 million American students experience bullying every year. In recent years, a steadily increasing volume of data has demonstrated that peer victimization — the clinical term for bullying — impacts hundreds of millions of children…
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