Tracking Symptoms of Mental Illness? There’s an App for That

By Stephanie Corkett, NAMI Communications Intern With the ever increasing number of downloadable mobile applications, for smart phones a beneficial app can sometimes get lost in the masses. Thankfully this doesn’t seem to be a problem for WhatsMyM3, a new mobile health app that asks a series of questions to determine whether users exhibit symptoms … Continue reading Tracking Symptoms of Mental Illness? There’s an App for That

State hospital needed for southern New Mexico

By Pamela Field / For the Sun-News Posted:   07/19/2012 01:00:00 AM MDT Imagine being in a sheriff’s car, handcuffed, driving the backroads through Carrizozo, at record speed with one bathroom break to Las Vegas, New Mexico. At the same time, imagine the possibility of a voice or voices saying,”You’re going to be killed,” or … Continue reading State hospital needed for southern New Mexico

Schizophrenia Survey

Summary Courtesy of NAMI   June 10, 2008 This report, presented here in PDF format, represents NAMI’s analysis and recommendations of a survey conducted by Harris Interactive among the general adult public, people living with schizophrenia, and caregivers. Imagine being homeless, or having a son or daughter who went missing and has not been heard from … Continue reading Schizophrenia Survey

Mental Health Crisis Triage Center

Crisis Triage Center By Diana Alba Soular/ Posted:   07/12/2012 05:51:23 PM MDT LAS CRUCES — Officials on Thursday marked the start of construction on a $2 million facility — the first of its kind in New Mexico — meant to help Doña Ana County’s mentally ill residents stay out of jail. They touted the … Continue reading Mental Health Crisis Triage Center

Treating Mental Illness in Children

Tough Choices By Douglas Bradley, NAMI HelpLine Coordinator Having a child diagnosed with mental illness is difficult for parents, but choosing a particular treatment can be just as difficult. Every mother and father wants his/her child to be well, but since any treatment (or lack of treatment) has potential side effects, deciding on a therapy … Continue reading Treating Mental Illness in Children

Purple Hearts for PTSD

Report Calls for Change in Military Culture; Outlines Mental Health Needs of Veterans The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) released a special report today, Parity for Patriots: The Mental Health Needs of Military Personnel, Veterans and their Families. The report calls for Purple Heart medals to be awarded for psychological wounds like posttraumatic stress … Continue reading Purple Hearts for PTSD

Minds Interrupted – live theater

Date: Sunday, May 13, 2012, 9:40 PM Pamela Field is president of NAMI-DAC (The National Alliance on Mental Illness, Dona Ana County affiliate), is a psychiatric nurse and has a son who has schizophrenia. May is mental health month. “We care about the mentally ill in this community,” said Brenda Viloria, Director of Nursing at … Continue reading Minds Interrupted – live theater

Clinical trial, childhood bipolar disorder

Bipolar Research Studies Clinical trial of riluzole in pediatric bipolar disorder Date: Oct. 6, 2011 This study is testing the effectiveness of riluzole versus placebo for decreasing anxiety in children with pediatric bipolar disorder (BP). Children and youth with bipolar disorder display episodic elevated mood and associated symptoms of decreased need for sleep, increased goal-directed … Continue reading Clinical trial, childhood bipolar disorder

Childhood Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Spectrum Disorder is rare among children. But for parents who may have concerns about their youngsters behavior, Dr. Ellen Leibenluft talks about possible warning signs. Dr. Leibenluft is Senior Investigator and Chief of the Bipolar Spectrum Disorder Section at the National Institute of Mental Health.

PTSD: Stress and Resilience

In the last decade, the United States has experienced a series of man-made and natural disasters. Large numbers of people in this country have been exposed to potentially traumatic events. This video focuses on NIMH research in the areas of traumatic stress reactions and specifically mental health issues among U.S. service members. What we learn … Continue reading PTSD: Stress and Resilience