Sun News Letter: Need answers for mental health debacle

Roque Garcia.jpgHope for answers about mental health debacle

“But, its not true!” I must have repeated those words hundreds of times in 2013. That was when HSD closed Southwest Counseling Center, in addition to 14 other mental health agencies in the state, and said we were billing fraudulently.

A comparable situation would be the IRS coming to your door and saying you owe $2.8 million. They wont tell you why or how they arrived at the number, so you are unable to defend yourself. Then they proceed to close your business, take everything you own and slander your name publicly. And you are unable to defend yourself. You cannot find a job in the state or in your profession. And again, you cant defend yourself. Read entire Sun News article…

More: NM Human Services Department’s ‘credible allegations of fraud’ claim falls apart


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