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Sun News Mental Health Series

Sun News Mental Health Series

The Sun News has many current articles concerning mental health in Dona Ana County and southern New Mexico. Four important articles are listed below, but to read even more mental health-related articles, go to Sun News and type “mental health” in their search box.

Four-part series to examine mental health issues

At the local level, county government had the wisdom to construct a crisis triage center years ago to provide emergency treatment for those dealing with a mental health crisis, but has yet to agree on how to fund operations, or exactly who should be served. That building remains empty.

1. County debates plans for opening Crisis Triage Center four years after it was built


But, the reporting isn’t all negative. District Court Judge Mary Rosner has secured funding for taking the first step toward the creation of a special court devoted to those dealing with mental illness. A $2.8 million federal grant has led to an assisted outpatient treatment program for people in civil cases.

2. Mental health court could lower recidivism, cut costs


Local artist artist Micah Pearson, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, was certified by the state this year as one of about two dozen new peer support specialists in Doña Ana County, working to help other learn how to cope with their illness.

3. Fragile behavioral health system doesn’t meet region’s needs


Local police, who often are called in to deal with the crisis, are looking toward Houston and Santa Fe for best practices in de-escalating situations with mentally ill suspects.



4. People in crisis, deadly force and the search for a better way