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Tag: Bipolar

Early Intervention

Friday, November 21, 2014 Highlighting the Importance of Early Intervention By Joni Agronin, NAMI Communications Coordinator Mental illness affects young people at an alarming rate. One half of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and 75 percent begin by age 24.  What’s even more astounding is that even after an onset…
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Actor Steven Frye

British actor Steven Frye has suffered from debilitating bipolar disorder for many years. Now he talks about it.

Ruby Wax

Attributed to www.time-to-change.org.uk/news-media/celebrity-supporters “1 in 5 people have dandruff. 1 in 4 people have mental health problems. I’ve had both.” Ruby Wax Ruby Wax talks about what it is like to live with depression Ruby Wax gives advice on what to do if your friend is living with depression

Living Well with Schizophrenia

I have been diagnosed for 10 years. It hasn’t been an easy trip. I would act so crazy to have everyone in my life either in denial or uneasy around me.  Before I was diagnosed my family thought i was having odd behavior to hurt them. It was the furthest from the truth. I’ve got…
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Schizophrenic and Wanting to Connect

By MICHAEL HEDRICK, NYTimes article I still remember the first group therapy session I went to after I got out of the hospital. I was 20 and had been diagnosed as schizophrenic after a road trip that took me from Colorado to the United Nations building in New York City, my mind riddled with notions…
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Book Review: Shadows in the Sun

By Simone McKitterick, NAMI Intern Shadows in the Sun: Healing from Depression and Finding the Light Within By Gayathri Ramprasad Hazelden (2014) Purchase Growing up in Bangalore, India, Gayathri Ramprasad’s life is highlighted by doting relatives and the traditions of Hinduism. Her father’s goal is for her to move to the United States in the…
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Howie Mandel Talks About Mental Health Care

Howie Mandel: No Laughing Matter Howie Mandel wants to make mental health care as common as dental care By Linda Childers for Esperanza Magazine Whether he’s touring the country as a stand-up comic, filming hidden pranks on his television show Deal With It, or appearing as a judge on America’s Got Talent, Howie Mandel is…
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Robin Williams

Dear Friends, Like many of you, when I first heard the news about Robin Williams’ death I felt a great sense of disbelief. As an entertainer, he transcended generations and genres to delight and inspire millions of people. He devoted his life to bringing joy and laughter to others, so it’s no surprise that he…
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For Millennials, Mental Health Is a Catch-22

When 27-year-old Lindsey Bekkelien started therapy, she wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was hopeful. During high school she’d been paralyzed by fear and anxiety. She had trouble making and keeping friends and thought about suicide. Though she knew something was wrong, she didn’t do anything about it until college, when she learned her…
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Mental health: Men and depression

By Pamela Field / For Healthy U Posted:   08/29/2014 02:10:09 PM MDT Though I had decided to write on men and depression two weeks before Robin Williams died, it definitely propelled me to discover how depression in men differs from depression in women, and why it often goes unrecognized. Once considered “a woman’s disease,”…
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