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Bipolar disorder: Finding the right balance

Bipolar disorder manifests in different ways, including extended periods of hypomania, hypermania, depression, irritability, rapid cycling, and more. None are pleasant and all can have severe consequences.

A Life Story

Not knowing you have bipolar disorder can be worse than the disorder itself.

Suicide Rate Correlations You May Not Have Known About

42,773 Americans end their own lives each year. You might assume these people have depression and/or mental illness, but there can be other factors at play.

What You Need to Know About “Smiling Depression”

Someone who smiles may be suffering from major depression; they are smiling through the pain and keeping their inner turmoil hidden.

Only cure for grief is to grieve

Pamela Field, For the Sun-News 1:01 a.m. MDT August 1, 2016 On June 12, after the massive shooting in Orlando, I planned to write about grief. At that time, my good friend John Funk, a social worker, said, “We should all take a week off and just mourn.” Coincidentally it was a day I was filling in on a radio show…
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NAMI Takes a Stand During a White House Mental Health Panel

By Happy Carlock | Jun. 17, 2016 Knowledge is power. Yet there remains a shortage of knowledge about mental illness and its impact on individuals and families across the country. As NAMI CEO Mary Giliberti told an audience at the White House on June 7, one of NAMI’s primary goals is to empower people with…
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Showing What It Means to Have Bipolar Disorder

By Laura Greenstein | Jun. 06, 2016 People often portray bipolar disorder as a condition that causes someone to have constant and extreme mood swings at any given moment, but that doesn’t truly capture the nature of this condition. Representing bipolar disorder in popular culture accurately is critical toward achieving awareness, understanding and acceptance. One…
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This new approach to mental health care could save lives

By Ariana Eunjung Cha January 26 All American adults should be screened for depression as part of their normal health-care routine, an influential panel recommended on Tuesday. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force also singled out maternal mental illness for the first time by suggesting that women be screened during pregnancy and after childbirth. The new guidelines, updated…
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Unwell and Unashamed

The stigma of mental illness is under attack by sufferers, who are coming out publicly and defiantly For several years, she wrote about her bipolar disorder under a pseudonym. She described how she’d been hospitalized four times, twice since her first child was born. She explained how she went off her medication during both of…
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Game Corrects Children’s Misreading of Emotional Faces to Tame Irritability

Promise as a Potential Treatment for Irritability in Children June 22, 2016 • Science Update A computer game that changes a tendency to misread ambiguous faces as angry is showing promise as a potential treatment for irritability in children.  The game shifts a child’s judgment for perceiving ambiguous faces from angry to happy.  In a…
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