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Tag: Mental Illness

People with Mental Illness Can Work

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, CPRP | Oct. 21, 2019 I was unemployed for many years while I was most ill. During that time, I felt worthless and dependent. Why? Because of: The debilitating impacts of mental illness. The fear of having to explain my spotty resume due to multiple hospitalizations and depressive episodes.…
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How Families Can Work Together

By Izzy Gonçalves | Nov. 04, 2019 Over 15 years, my spouse and I struggled with her severe bipolar I disorder. We went through weeks-long psychiatric hospitalizations, disrupted relationships and stalled personal and professional goals. Eventually, I took grudging ownership of her treatment. We resented each other, and we didn’t work together. I now know that…
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Six Myths and Facts about Mental Illness

By Sky Lea Ross | Oct. 01, 2019 The stigma associated with mental illness is now called “sanism.” Just like racism or sexism, it is a form of oppression and discrimination. And there is a lot of sanism and misinformation surrounding mental illness still present within our society. It’s up to us, the mental health…
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Things Not to Say to a Parent of a Child with Mental Illness

By Karen M. Travis, Ph.D. | Nov. 15, 2019 As a parent who survived my son’s high-school years, while balancing care for his mental illness, I wanted to share some especially damaging comments that I heard from other parents, family members and school staff. If you hear any of these, I hope you know that…
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Realizing The Impact Of Mental Illness On My Family

I was naïve to think that mental illness had nothing to do with me. My maternal grandmother had died by suicide following years of depression. My mother struggled with depression and social anxiety throughout her life. I myself had been diagnosed with depression and my teenage daughter as well.

The Stages Of My Mental Illness

I was conditioned to view my illness on a scale of “severe” to “less severe.” I was accustomed to doctors describing my condition based on how I was doing at that moment rather than where I was on my mental health journey.

A Parent’s Guide To Mental Health For College Students

How do you recognize the difference between a sad mood and depression? Would you know what to say or do if your child expressed suicidal thoughts?

How My Depression Made Me A Better State Representative

When I first told the world I suffered from a major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, I miscalculated. I was angry at the time, and I didn’t realize it would actually have a positive impact on me and the people I represent.

Please, Don’t React; Respond

Many people don’t know how to provide comfort or respond appropriately in times of need or crisis. Instead of listening and taking the time to provide a constructive response, they jump to conclusions. They say the first thing that comes to mind.

You Don’t Look Like You Have Depression

I don’t “look” like I have depression because we are encouraged to carry on as best we can given the circumstances. I don’t have any outward signs of my condition but this doesn’t make it any less real.