Types Of Medication

Some people are afraid that taking a medication will change their personality, but most find that medication allows them to take charge of their lives. Medications for mental health conditions fall into the following major categories: Antipsychotics Antipsychotics developed in the mid-20th century are often referred to as first-generation or typical antipsychotics, while antipsychotics developed more … Continue reading Types Of Medication

The Messy Truth About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

By Ethan S. Smith | Mar. 05, 2018 ocdI hear comments all the time: “My place is so perfect. I’m so OCD.” “No, it has to be neat and clean. I’m so OCD.” “You should see how I organized my Star Wars collection. I’m so OCD.” I was born with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I struggled throughout my childhood, … Continue reading The Messy Truth About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The Best Movies About Mental Health

It’s becoming increasingly more common for Hollywood to highlight mental health conditions in films. Because mental illness affects millions of Americans, it’s an extremely relatable theme. However, there are some movies that realistically show what it’s like to experience mental illness. Here’s a list of a few movies that get it right.

Personal Story: This Is Me And I’m Not Ashamed

Tomorrow will be a fresh start, another day to keep trying. Tomorrow there’s always a possibility of sunshine. Just keep trying.   I try to tell myself this every day. Most of the time while crying so much it physically hurts. It seemed to come out of nowhere, like an invisible raging storm. It’s so … Continue reading Personal Story: This Is Me And I’m Not Ashamed

Deep Brain Stimulation

What is Deep Brain Stimulation? This is from the Mayo Clinic Click here to see clip of a young woman’s persistent major depression being treated with deep brain stimulation. Deep brain stimulation involves implanting electrodes within certain areas of your brain. These electrodes produce electrical impulses that regulate abnormal impulses. Or, the electrical impulses can affect certain … Continue reading Deep Brain Stimulation


NAMI-DAC reviews information sources every month and selects articles we think you will find informative and useful. If you want to know how others cope with their illness, what mental health research shows promise, or what is happening in the state or city that affects those living with mental health conditions, we hope you will … Continue reading Articles