USA Today: The Financial and Human Toll for Neglecting the Mentally Ill

USA Today has launched a series of articles on the “man-made disaster” created by “a mental health system drowning from neglect,” and it’s a don’t-miss.
The cost of not caring: Nowhere to go” tells the story of “the financial and human toll for neglecting the mentally ill” with personal narrative, video and graphics.
This is a disease, just like cancer,” Colorado family member Candie Dalton tells reporter Liz Szabo. “It’s just as devastating. But you don’t get the support. You don’t get people saying, ‘Oh, your child is in the hospital. Can I come over with a casserole?'”
Coverage like this in the third most widely circulated newspaper in America will significantly raise awareness of the need to reform mental health policies and remove obstacles to treatment – and provide an easy way for you to familiarize your community and elected leaders with the consequences of non-treatment.
Once you’ve seen the story, be sure to let USA Today know how much you support their coverage of the devastation caused by neglecting serious mental illness. If you have a personal story to tell in a few words, include it in your letter. Letters must be 200 words or less. You can also:
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  • FORWARD the article to your public officials and tell them you support mental illness treatment policies that will address these problems.

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