Were you denied mental illness treatment at emergency room or discharged inappropriately?

Mental Illness Policy Org wants to hear from individuals who went to an emergency room seeking emergency treatment for a serious mental illness and were either turned away without a medical screening and injured themselves or someone else as a result of a lack of treatment,  inadequate treatment or the emergency room’s failure to admit you to a hospital.

If you, or someone you know, has experienced a problem with getting psychiatric care in an emergency room in the last 18 months, please  email Mental Illness Policy Org with your complete contact info and specific story including name of hospital and dates.  The information will be confidential and not be used without your permission.  Follow Mental Illness Policy Org on Facebook and Twitter (@MentalIllPolicy)

Share this post. (https://mentalillnesspolicy.org/emergency-room-mistreatment)

Please go to this site, which is interesting and informative, and consider reporting any incident in the past 18 months by sending email to this address office@mentalillnesspolicy.org.


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